Rest in Peace, Elmo

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I normally do not like posting sad news, but I had to post this.

I noticed Elmo’s health going downhill. He looked very lethargic and would not eat. He let me come close to him and did not care that I was right there. I still did not attempt to touch him.

I called my local animal control to have Elmo trapped and examined. I saw Elmo come by every evening but although he was sick, he still knew about the trap and did not go in.

Animal control came out to try to get Elmo in a carrier. Because he was sick and weak, trapping was not necessary. One person wore heavy leather gloves and covered Elmo with a blanket and put him in the carrier.

Elmo was taken to the clinic and was tested. He went into kidney failure and has progressed rapidly. At that point, there was no cure. Elmo is a feral cat so he could not get regular veterinary care.

The only thing left to do was to euthanize him. I felt bad doing that but it would not be fair to Elmo making him live with that pain and suffering. In addition, someone’s outdoor cat would get sick from being in contact with Elmo.

Elmo is out of his pain and suffering. However, I will miss hearing his meowing at me whenever I came out to feed him. Elmo was the only cat in the colony that ever talked to me.


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