Feral Cats and Spring Weather

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Pepper eating her dinner

The cats are happy the warm weather is here (I am too!) The cats have been more active and enjoying the warm weather. They survived the winter, though this winter was not as harsh as other winters.

Another thing to consider about spring is that it is ferals cats’ mating season. One clue was I saw Elmo and Pepper together. They were not this close before. I suspected there was something going on between them when they touched noses. That is also a clue that they may make an attempt at becoming proud parents.

I used to see Elmo with both Pepper and Silver. It appears that for some reason, Elmo chose Pepper over Silver. Poor Silver!

Pepper eats while Elmo waits. The wind blew their dinner plates, but I picked them up after they finished eating.

Neither one were trapped/fixed/released so this is the time of year to trap them before they become parents. I did not have any success trapping either one last year, but hopefully, I will this year.


After Elmo and Pepper finished eating, I saw them run off together. I am not sure where they go after eating, but I am sure if it some place safe.

Feral cats normally do not have their shelter anywhere near their food. This is to help avoid cats from other colonies finding their hideout.


  1. Hi! It makes perfect sense that feral cats don’t sleep where they eat but I never thought about that. From the pictures, it looks like Elmo and Pepper are making out pretty well in the food area…they look nice and healthy. If they do have kittens, would you consider taking them all in?

    Great site!

    1. Hi Ally
      Yes, Elmo and Pepper are well fed. They and the other cats in the colony were quite thin when I first saw them. The cats have also tamed down but I still do not attempt to touch them. If Pepper has kittens and I trap them while they are young, I can take them to the humane society for adoption. But they must be trapped while they are young in order for them to be adopted. I can’t take them in because Freddie, my housecat, may not take to it too well.

  2. Great post about feral cats! It’s heartwarming to know that people like you are taking care of them, I hope you’re able trap these two lovebirds and get them fixed before they give you more ferals to look out for. Thank you!

    1. Hi Shirley

      The trapper is coming out soon to catch Elmo and Pepper and get them fixed, so there wont be any “Elmpeps” (Elmo’s and Pepper’s names combined) running around 🙂 This is the mating season so this is the time. I will post some updates after that happy couple is caught and fixed.

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