Sylvester is Going Home

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The good news is Sylvester is going home!

With some work, I was able to get Sylvester in a carrier and to my local SPCA. After feeding Sylvester for so long, he grew attached to me and became very affectionate.

Another tell-tale sign is a couple of times, Sylvester ran into my house when I opened the door.  I wanted to keep him, but I had to put Sylvester back out because Freddie (my house cat) was terrified of him.

I was concerned about Sylvester staying outside so long that he would become feral.

It was not necessary for the trapper to come out, since Sylvester was tame I did not need to trap him, not to mention traumatize him, like the feral cats. I was afraid trapping him like a feral cat would cause him to lose trust in people.

He meowed in the car on the way there, but the SPCA was just a short drive a way. After I took Sylvester in, one of the animal care specialists checked for a microchip, but could not find any. He is neutered, but not ear-tipped like a fixed feral cat.

Possibly Sylvester’s owner abandoned or evicted him. While homeless, he must have wandered far away looking for food.

Evicted or lost house cats can revert to their natural instincts rather quick and travel for miles looking for food and shelter.

I cannot understand why anyone would do that to a cat, or any animal. If a pet owner does not want or is unable to keep the animal, they should take it to the shelter. As friendly as Sylvester is, I find it harder to understand.

The SPCA checked all missing cat reports but his picture does not match any.

Sylvester spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night at the SPCA. A short time ago, I called the SPCA to check on his status. That quick, as of Saturday morning, a family adopted him. I was surprised but also very happy, that he was adopted that quick.

All that matters is that he is not homeless anymore.

I hope Sylvester will be happy at his new home!


  1. That’s a great thing you did taking care of Sylvester and making sure he was in a safe place to find a new home. Thanks for sharing your happy ending for Sylvester!

    1. Hi Maria

      Thanks! I saw Sylvester was not feral and I wanted to get him home or to a new home as soon as possible. I am also glad it is a happy ending!

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