The Time Has Come

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Time…it keeps marching on.

I always thought of this when the time came when I would sell my house and move. What about the cats?

The time is here now. I am in the process of selling my house and preparing to move. I do not want to leave the cats here. Not only will I not be here to feed the cats, but they could be a nuisance to the new owners.

I contacted some animal rescue groups to catch and relocate the cats. Many of the cats have tamed down enough (yes, that is because of me feeding them) to trust people. They may not make good house cats but they could become barn cats.

The SPCA will not take the cats because the cats are feral.

The goal is to catch and relocate the cats before moving. I am not counting on any other people feeding them and I do not want them to starve.

I got almost the whole colony trapped and fixed so they will not produce any more cats. So far I have not seen any kittens, thankfully.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress of catching and relocating the cats, and hopefully, they can go to some place safe and get fed.



  1. Karin,
    We will wait in anticipation as to what is to happen to the cats. As they are feral would they not go back to hunting rats and mice etc for themselves?

    1. Hi Mark

      The cats probably would go back to hunting wild vermin, however, it is best I get them removed. They should get out of this neighborhood to avoid annoying the new owners. Even after I move out the cats will still hang around for a while. Possibly other neighbors are feeding them but I am not counting on that.

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