Update on Sylvester

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I will give an update on Sylvester. On this snowy evening, Sylvester came by for his dinner. I saw home waiting for me outside the door. I opened a can of wet food and put on the plate. Sylvester kept looking right up at me and meowing, and touched my hand with his nose. Although he does not seem to be afraid of me now, I was, however, still reluctant to pet him. He gobbled up the wet food; later I came out with a scoop of dry food. Sylvester meowed and rubbed against my leg!

A true feral cat would not come that close to a person and rub against their leg, especially that quick. That said, Sylvester was domesticated at some point in his life. However, I am not sure if he is lost or was evicted by his owner.

My next task is checking local ads for Sylvester’s picture.  I will also send pictures to local animal shelters to see if his owner came by to see if he turned up there. Also, I will arrange with Forgotten Cats to pick up Sylvester to check for a microchip. If Sylvester has an owner, I would like to get him home.

Once I receive a status update, it will appear on this blog.





  1. I love cats! I have four of them and feed a couple strays. They pretty much are part of the family now. They come in to see their buddies every time I open the door. I hope you find a home for Sylvester. I have a feeling he already chose you. You have a kind heart for what you do. Thanks for being kind to Sylvester.

    1. Hi Jack
      Sylvester actually ran in my house when I opened the door to feed him. He took a look around and then ran out. I was tempted to keep him but then my current house cat, Freddie, may not take it too well. Freddie was once a stray and he was found with a badly injured leg, and he’s scared around other cats. That shows Freddie probably got into some horrible fights when he was a stray. Since Sylvester has gotten affectionate towards me, I’m going to try to get him into my car without having to trap him. Trapping him may cause some trauma, and may cause a relapse in terms of his friendliness. In other words, trapping Sylvester may cause him to become “wild” again. I too want Sylvester to have a home again. I think because I’ve been feeding Sylvester for a long time now, the acts of human kindness may be coming back to him.

  2. Look at handsome Sylvester!! He reminds me of a black cat we used to have.. except ours just had a TINY little white patch on his chest. It’s interesting that you note how to tell if he was domesticated at some point or another… and that makes total sense. I love the concept of this site. I am curious to see what happens with Sylvester, so please do keep us posted. 🙂

    1. Hi Jen
      I posted ads on my county’s SPCA website but I have not gotten any responses. Since there is a chance Sylvester is domesticated, the company that traps feral cats won’t help in this case. Sylvester has been very friendly towards me and he may willingly get in my car and then I can take him to the SPCA to see if he’s microchipped. This morning when I open the door to feed Sylvester, he ran into the house, stayed in for a bit, but then took a look around and ran out. My house cat, Freddie, never noticed. A true feral cat would not try to come in someone’s house, so that’s another clue Sylvester was owned at one point.

  3. Oh my…I hope Sylvester finds a good and decent home.

    Not much sites follows a cat…it’s almost Twitter for Sylvester!

    I love dogs and plan on getting another soon. This post got me more excited now!


    1. Hi Ravi
      I also hope Sylvester finds a good and decent home. I haven’t gotten any responses to the ads I put up, so the next step is to take him to my county’s humane society and see if he’s microchipped. Hopefully, Sylvester will get into my car on his own, so I will not have to trap him.

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